Reef Copepods (Live)

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Copepods (pods) are small crustaceans that are often the next step up from Phytoplankton. They consume Phyto and general detritus, and can be an important part of your cleanup crew, that also are very tasty to your larger critters.

Some pods stick mostly near the surface (benthic) and some spend more time swimming (pelagic). BAS offers a selection so you can choose which works best for your critters.

Tigriopus californicus (Tigri) pods are mostly pelagic (free swimmers) and are a medium sized pod the does well in normal tank salinity and temps. It is a great food for seahorses, fish fry and other animals that are picky eaters of small crustaceans, but they are often consumed quickly in a reef tank.

Tisbe biminiensis pods stick closer to the surface (benthic), and are a little smaller then Tigri pods, and are much harder to see in the bottle (use a flash light, and look for the bright spots). They make a great food for gobies (especially mandarins), dragonettes, pipefish and other slow eaters that watch the substrate.

Tangerine Pods (unknown calanoid sp.) are the largest of the available pods, with adults ranging from 2-2.5mm in size. They are an excellent replacement for the less nutritious brine shrimp. They are also free-swimmers, and may make a great transition food for seahorses or other animals that are hard to train to frozen food.

Artemia / Tigri mix is a collection of adult and juvenile Artemia (Brine) shrimp along with adult Tigriopus pods. This is an ideal mixture for seahorses, as it includes the larger adult brine which are swimmers and induce a very strong feeding response, with the more nutritious Tigri pods. May be co-cultured together.   

Note: Shipping is via ground with an ice-pack, and will ship Monday or Tuesday only, to minimize the chance of them sitting in a hot warehouse overnight. Live arrival guarantee. Photos or a video and a temperature measurement of the bottles is required to request a replacement shipment.

Up to four bottles can ship for about the same price, so please consider spitting an order with another hobbyist to save on shipping costs.

For best results, please refrigerate after receiving, but warm to room temp before feeding.

(Tangerine Pods are out of stock, hope to have them back available soon.)

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