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The Pod Condo is a new addition to the POD world. It's a place where Amphipods and Copepods can safely congregate, throw parties and hang out, without having to worry about predators. Each condo unit contains 40 individual serpentine condos, all connected to the central atrium. A total of about two feet of linear space, or about 40 square inches (281 cm^2) of space is provided for our little friends.

The central atrium serves another purpose though. Cover the hole with your thumb and move the condo to the display tank, then use a baster to squirt water in the central hole. All the ne'er-do-well slacker pods that are hanging around the condo will be blasted out in to the tank, to make tasty treats for your fish! Replace the condo in your sump, and let the new tenants move in.

Works best if you pre-load a little bit of pellet or flake food in the condo each time you return it to the sump.

Size: 3"x3" (75mmx75mm)

Plastic items are printed in PETG, which is fully food and reef safe. The printing process is not perfect, and some visible defects (as shown in the pictures) may exist.

Wholesale or club orders:
BAS welcomes wholesale or club orders, and will provide a discount that increases with the size of the order. Please contact us for details.